1.Built-in lead-acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance, with high capacity to 4000mAH; long life span, can be used circularly 500 times above;
2.Light source use environmental and super brightness white color SMD and yellow color SMD,life span can reach 10,000h; low power consumption; the 46pcs SMD white color consume 4.6W;It can work4H; and the 3pcs SMD yellow color consume 0.3W.It can work 67H
3.This product was equipped with a DC power input port which is compatible with solar panel and power adapter.
4.Push the switch, you can choose the simplex or duplex LED illuminate. You can adjust the LED brightness freely by rotating the rotary switches;
5.The white Lighting has the emergency function, it is the best choice for all kinds of outdoor leisure, field work, shopping malls as well as other places of emergency lighting