LG 43″ 43LH5700 FULL HD TV

This black TV has a compact and sleek design that gives it a classy look and is sure to compliment your interiors as well. The flat screen TV has a portable framework that makes it easy to mount owing to the unique make. It is suitable for both modern and contemporary interior designs.

This 43-inch LG HD TV has standard proportions and does not allow your picture to get pixilated. The resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels increases the overall picture quality. It is also boosted with High Definition Multimedia giving you an enhanced visual experience.

The television consumes a power of AC 100-240 V and has a frequency of 50-60Hz. This energy efficient gadget will cut down on your electricity bills and thus be an excellent buy.

The virtual sound quality of this television is another high point, making it popular among both the movie buffs and sports addicts. The AC3 Dolby sound quality gives you live environment-like experience.

The system has one USB and two HDMI ports, helping you to connect this device with numerous other external storage devices and exchanges images, videos and movies at ease.