Samsung 65″ 65KU7000 Smart LED TV

The 4k LED UHD Samsung KU7000 Series has a good enough picture quality for most content but lacks in a few areas. It handles fast motion decently and it feels responsive when playing video games. Unfortunately, HDR performance is average, judder is present in movies and the picture deteriorates when viewed from the side.
The Samsung KU7000 is a great looking TV. Its frame looks like it is made of metal, the classic looking Samsung stand now shares a new style with a shiny reflective finish and the textured back of the TV adds a nice touch. The TV is also quite thin.
Watching movies on the KU7000 is average. The dark scene performance is quite good, but limited by lack of features. Judder is experienced when watching movies and motion interpolation options are limited. The TV can play HDR content, and does provide richer colors but the highlights can’t get very bright. The colors are quite good out of the box, and the TV looks clear when displaying content from DVDs to 4k video.
Watching sports on the Samsung KU7000 is pretty decent. Fast moving objects such as a football being thrown from a player will be followed by a faint trail and some screen uniformity issues may be visible during panning shots over a game field, but this should not be an issue for most people.
Video game performance is good due to the low input lag and decent motion blur. This provides a smooth experience even in fast paced games. There is a large range of supported resolutions for those looking to use the KU7000 as a PC monitor.

Sound is average on the Samsung KU7000 which isn’t too bad for a TV. Most sound bars would be an upgrade but those that don’t want the additional clutter should still be somewhat satisfied by the sound of the KU7000.

Note: Sound Quality test for TVs reviewed before 2017 was performed at 75dB, 85dB, and Max SPL. Starting 2017, the target SPL levels have been changed to 70dB, 80dB, and Max dB SPL.

The Samsung KU7000 offers an impressive smart interface performance that is both smooth and responsive. The TV comes with a fairly fast CPU and memory which allows applications to load quickly even when heavily multi-tasking, showing no hiccups at all.  Also, the operating system supports a great deal of different applications such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Youtube, and many more, making it a very polished smart interface. As for the inputs, the Samsung TV offers many inputs of different variations making it capable of plugging all your devices in it. Be careful though, if you want to use the full capability of the TV make sure you use the HDMI 1 port as it’s the only port that supports HDMI 2.0.

When a new device is detected (such as when a computer is woken from sleep while plugged into an HDMI port) the TV automatically switches to this device. This may be an annoyance if you are watching other content at the time.